Thursday, March 15, 2007

WSS 2.0 to 3.0 In place upgrade SPConfigurationDatabaseSequence2 failed

Had worked on a few in place upgrades of WSS 2.0 sites to WSS 3.0. Haven't quite figure under what conditions this occur under but during some upgrades the wizard fail and a message like this is logged.

An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException was thrown. Additional exception information:

Action of Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPConfigurationDatabaseSequence2 failed.Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException:

Action of Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPConfigurationDatabaseSequence2 failed. --->

The id 0a54b6fc-79ad-4412-b51d-3091dd622976 is in
use. An Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPServer named "sql" is using the same id as the new object named "sql" of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPServer. Every object must contain a unique id. Either update the new object's id or delete the existing object and try again.

The solution that worked for me is to empty out the "Dependencies" and "Objects" table in the WSS Config database and run the wizard again.


Anonymous said...

Got the same error, but after my first failure. I had an initial failure cause the user account did not have rights to create a table in the master DB. The user account was only a DBO to the SharePoint config and content DBs. The wizard said it did not or would not roll back, but to check the logs and fix the issue. I went ahead and gave the account SA rights on the SQL server and re-ran the wizard. That is when I got the error posted here. Think that whe wizard started righting to the config DB before making sure it can complete all SQL tasks. ?? Don't know either...thought I would post what happen to me to see if it helps anyone else. Clearing the two tables that Eddie Tse posted resolved my issue.

Anonymous said...

Eddie ...YOU ARE MY GOD !!!

Thank you for the wonderful tip !

R said...

I have the same issue. How do I clear out the two tables mentioned? Thanks.

Eddie Tse said...

To clear the tables, connect directly to the WSS Config database using your SQL tool, ie SQL Server Management Studio.

Gangatha said...

Thanks man. It worked

Henry said...

I'm getting the following error when I try to clear out the objects table:

Msg 4712, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Cannot truncate table 'dbo.objects' because it is being referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.

Any ideas?

Harley said...

When I am installing Sharepoint I am getting the same error as you guys did. I am trying to follow Edies advice to connect to WSS Config database in management studio but I can't see it anywhere. Can you explain in a coulpe of steps how to connect to it please, I would appreciate it very much.


Henry said...

Nevermind... I end up doing a delete from


drShop said...

WooW =)

Bertrand Smit said...

Eddie, thanks for this solution, you helped me pass the last hurdle in the complexity of Step 2, while upgrading from WSS 2 to WSS 3.

@henry and others: to clear the objects table you can use the proc_dropObject stored procedure (drops objects, one by one)

Anonymous said...

This fix of clearing Dependencies and Objects got me past this, but then I get stopped a little later with the following (still part of step 2). After I get to this, I have to re-purge 'Dependencies' and 'Objects'. I'm currently stuck here:

Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPUpgradeException: Action of Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPConfigurationDatabaseSequence2 failed. ---> System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'System.Byte[]'.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.InitialFarmCreation.InitializeIisMappingsFromRegistry()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.InitialFarmCreation.UpgradeVirtualServers(SPFarm farm)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.InitialFarmCreation.Upgrade()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPActionSequence.Upgrade()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPActionSequence.Upgrade()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPManager.Upgrade(Object o, Boolean bRecurse)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPPersistedUpgradableObject.Upgrade(Boolean recursively)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Upgrade.SPManager.Initialize()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.UpgradeBootstrapTask.Run()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.TaskThread.ExecuteTask()

Anonymous said...

I got the same error. But Eddie's solution didn't work for me. Finally, I changed IIS STS application pool identity from local system to network service. And it works for me.

William C

Eric A. Soto, Internet Marketing Professional said...

Folks, Microsoft has become such a dubious company with all of this .NET2 .NET3 MFC ABC 123 Sliverlight Orca Boca Crap!

This error message and this terrible log they give us with this error are about as useless as can be. What a waste of hard drive space!

Anyhow, thanks Eddie and the others for the steps. This is what worked for me:

1. Clear out the Dependencies and Objects tables. To do this, go to Query Analyzer and enter "delete from objects; delete from dependencies;", select the SP database and click on EXECUTE.

2. In SQL server security - in logins, I made sure the NETWORK SERVICE account had SA. This can probably be undone after the upgrade.

3. I made sure the application pool for SharePoint was running on the NETWORK SERVICE account.

Thanks to everyone for their input.

I continue to be ore and more disappointed with Microsoft with every new "product".

remote server administration said...

Thanks, it is working now...

William said...
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CHRIS said...

Excellent this really saved my bacon

I thought i was doing something wrong or my WSS 2.0 site was not configured correctly.

Anyway i managed to get the server upgarded in-place by setting the sharepoint application pool to use the network service account and then adding the network service account to the local built-in adminsitrators group, that way it have full access to teh content dbs and all sql server as well as permissions on the default website being upgraded