Saturday, March 29, 2008

HP 8510p fan noise

For work I've got a HP 8510 p notebook and the fan noise it makes on idle is unbearable.  It was annoying enough I was on a quest to find a solution.  After many hours on the Internet I found the following siteür-hp-8510p/ which talks about overriding the ACPI DSDT table.

After reading up a bit on the topic and learnt more than I ever wanted to about ACPI, I've managed to change the fan speed on my HP 8510 notebook.  Now Vista SP1 x64 runs like my other notebook, quiet!  Will have to see will it over heat or have any side effects.

I have no idea why HP releases notebook that are so noisy out of the factory.  Their engineering department should be reeducated that noise should be minimal on the desktop in the office.


HP 5500 toner said...

Hmmm.. I most definitely read a couple of articles about this topic and it brings me back down memory lane :)
The question that I ask myself is what caused something like this to happen or be written??

Anonymous said...

High fan noise can also have an easy solution:

Anonymous said...

Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1
after log on press WinKey+X for mobility center and change the power plan to Balanced or Power saver or High performance a few times and the fan noise will magically drop to ZERO